Marriages are made in heaven. But finding that partner sometimes become difficult. Vedic astrology is an amazing science and gift of god to mankind. It serves well as a medium to find your compatible life partners.

By Almighty's grace , I will help you regarding:
1. Finding correct life partner by doing a Compatibility analysis between both partners.
2. Doing a Compatibility analysis between lovers.
3. Finding correct business partner by doing a Compatibility analysis between both business partners.

This Match making report will consist of :
1. Ashtakoot milan or Guna Milan, which is matching of characteristics based on your birth Nakshatra(constellation) 
2. Planetary matching based on positions of planets in both the charts. 
3. Other Compatibility factors. 

I will provide you with an in-depth and detailed reading specifically for your love area.  As a guide here are the sort of questions I can answer

Is he/she coming back?

Does he/she love me?

Do we have a future?

Why is he/she being distant?

Is new love coming?