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Mr Nouha Adamjie  (B.E . Computers, Phd. In Numerology )is a well known world renowned , experienced numerologist, graphologist handwriting analyst,vastu consultant & feng shui consultant, calculating your exact moods and energy levels  for any day in the future. He is from maharashtra.  GIVE TOTAL SCIENTIFIC  SOLUTIONS  for  the improvement of physical,  mental , emotional and spiritual levels in the form of,  love life, finance,  job, marriage, beauty, health, relationship, match making,  baby name, mind power,  memory,  intelligence,  good luck etc. 

Seven Seas Consultancy is headed by Mr. Nouha Adamjie, Who has well over 10 years of experience as a Numerologist, Graphologist, Handwriting Analyst, Fengshui consultant, Face reader and also in dealing with Gemstones & Fengshui products.

At seven seas consultancyiies we aim to reach out to more and more people who require such help and guidance. All these services are available on chargeable basis. People from all parts of the world can contact us online as well as personally for consultations. We have the solution to all your vexing problems.

Email -adamji.j@gmail.com .

Imo and WhatsApp 0091-7875783791.    

Many people say We belive in god and not in these sciences.

Many say that  we can not change our destiny and our luck 

Many say we dont believe  in luck ,we only believe in hard work. ,

Many say we can not avoid problems in our life .

Many say problems makes us strong and we want them. In our life .

Many say only god  can change our luck .and many other. Things i hear.....

I will answer all these questions  in a single answer. That all the above are just peoples beliefs. 

Which are the cause of negative programming of their minds since birth.

The FACT  Is there are basically 3 types of luck. In the universe :

1.God luck.
2.human luck.
3.Environment luck. 

And. To make yourself. 

The best and most successfull in life all 3 are very nessessary .

1.What is god luck ?

It is the  luck or destiny which you have been assigned. At the time of birth. .and which is the result of your past life karmas .and 
It could also be changed through prayers and religious practices .

2.What is human luck ?

it is basically the luck  which you yourself make with your own hard work ,your mental capabilities .and your own beliefs .
And which could be changed by your own efforts and hard work and your own beliefs .

3.What is environment luck?

It is the luck of your environment and its effect on your life since birth .till you  live .and yes that could also be changed with the most power full and effective science .of. Numerology. feng shui, and vastu shastra.by the guidance of an expert in these fields .